Two-Piece Outfits

This two-piece outfit trend has been going around for quite a while now under names such as “co-ords”, “matching sets” or “2-piece”. I’ve constantly been looking for ones at a cheap price but shops just enjoy ripping us off lately so I’ve decided to blog about ones with a wide price range. The thing I love about these is that, you can wear each item with other things too, also they can be dressed up or dressed down.

River Island (£75):


This River Island embellished two-piece “playsuit looking outfit” is perfect for Christmas parties, the beading makes it shimmer and stand out in the dark, the top can also be worn a lot in casual wear with other skirts/trousers.

Miss Selfridge (£67):


Again, this two-piece was not matched on the website, I put it together because of the textures, I love the plastic type material on the top and the bandage look for the midi skirt, personally if the colours look the same in real life, match them! It’s always good to mix textures and try something new.

American Apparel (£68):


The famous Kesh two-piece worn by many people lately, only suits certain people with the right shoes and hairstyles! Personally, I feel it looks better worn on curvier women as it shows off their curves a lot more and embraces it.

Urban Outfitters (£72):


Another two-piece which was not matched but put together by me, a velvet slit maxi skirt and a mesh looking velvet crop top to go with it. Each item can definitely be worn over and over again with other items of clothing too; together though, they’d look so flattering.

Winner of all two-pieces in my eyes:

Ciara in Topshop and Doriane Van Overeem…


Many people might find that this outfit looks dodgy because of the huge jumper, it’s not meant to be flattering for her figure but the pink compliments her skin and I think the oversized fluffy jumper looks great with white and a lighter shade of pink.

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